Monday, June 01, 2009

FO - Self Fringing Bias Shawl/Scarf

I now understand why people rave over the Brookes Farms yarns.

They are just lovely.

The Mas Acero I bought just shines in the sunlight. It's really pretty.

I was afraid of dropping the stitches for the fringe, but it worked out great.
I'm a little luke warm about owning shawls. They're pretty and all, but I just don't know how to incorporate them into my wardrobe - I live in Texas for goodness sake.

But this little shawl/scarf is really perfect. It fits in my purse and I use it now when I go into a building that has the AC on a little too low.

Yes, you cold weather people. It's almost manditory to have a sweater at your finger tips during the summer down here. You go from 90+ degrees outdoors to 60 degrees indoors - you'd freeze, too.

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