Monday, June 01, 2009


I broke out my CSM machines because I have too many socks to make as I've promised a lot of people a pair of socks.

I made a pair for a church auction - and forgot to get a photo (buh) of the finished item. I made them on my LeGare.

Then I made a pair of socks on my AK - and it's interesting. My AK likes making socks on the 72/36 combo better thank the 60/30 combo. I set up my AK and had no problems with ribbing the men's sock. The yarn I used is luscious - truly. Virgin wool, cashmere, angora - man are these socks nice. They're for a friend whose son is graduating from high school and going off to college (TAMU) in the fall - hence the maroon.

School, of course, is coming to a close. I made socks for the teacher and teacher's assistant.

I also whipped up a pair of socks for me - these are made with the hand painted yarn I made from a knitting retreat in February. I am so happy with the colors. I think I have enough yarn to make a low cuff pair for my mom - shhh. Don't tell her, it's a surprise.

On the three socks I knitted on the LeGare, I've learned on my 54/36 combo to put all my needles into play on the ribber dial and have every third needle removed on my cylinder. This makes a 1x1 rib. Do the selvage the normal way you do a 1x1. On the hand painted socks, I knitted 1x1 for 20 rows, transferred the needle that is located between the two cylinder needles to a cylinder needle for a 2 x 1 rib.

I can say that I honestly don't see a difference unless I look really closely to the 1x1 to 2x1 and it makes a nice tighter cuff on the top. I'm really pleased with this combo and it'll probably become a standard for my smaller socks.

I do love my LeGare - it's really a great little work horse.

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