Monday, November 27, 2006

Bauble Day

Whew! I'm back from Nashville and, boy, are my arms tired.


I knitted so many things. My pinkies are aching just a little. I hold my yarn weird. I think it's a hold back from my crochet days.

So here goes the grand photo sharing of what I did on my Thanksgiving vacation. Here's my attempt at the mid-November monthly dishcloth. I thought it was quite lovely and gave it to my MIL for Bauble Day. Bauble Day is celebrated with the in-laws around Thanksgiving and it's for small gifts - you know, baubles.

I gave Captain Underpants to the oldest nephew and the alligator mittens to the youngest one. The nephews LOVED Captain Underpants and the alligator mittens. We had impromptu plays of Captain Underpants getting attached by the giant alligators all night long.

My DH and BIL went to Texas A&M. Here's the dishcloth I knitted in the car on the way up for my BIL's Bauble Day gift.

Here's my first attempt at writing my own illusion knitting dishcloth. I gave it to my FIL. The lighting is such that you can see the pattern from the front. I'll also write up this pattern if anyone is interested.

The finished purse for my SIL.

A photo of the inside. It's lined with a plastic needle point board and pink fabric. I added a 9" zipper and the handle is attached with a leather boot lace. I bought the handles from Joann's (they're Purse n-alize-it! vinyl handles and are exclusively distributed by Joann's).

I knitted more on the way home, but blogger isn't playing well with others right now. More to come. . .

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