Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Modifications to the Arwen

Initial cast on: I cast on the total amount of stitches listed for all three panels. I didn't take out any stitches for seam allowances. I feel that four extra stitches didn't really give me any grief - although my gage was 5 stitches per inch. The most helpful thing I did on this was to write out the cable patterns onto coil bound index cards.

I knitted each side for 17 inches. I used the measurements to one of my store bought cardigans to determine that the length was right. That, and taking it to SnB every two weeks to get constructive comments helped, too! :)

I then split the cardigan up according to the pattern stitch counts into three different panels.

I did not increase/decrease in the arm area, mainly because I've got broad shoulders. I knitted this area for 11 inches - which gave me 22 inches round for my arms.

Next comes the somewhat confusing part. I grafted together 32 stitches from the inside of each slit to form the shoulders. I then kept on knitting the hood area till it it covered my head. I did a three needle bind off to fasten the hood together.

Next, I picked up stitches along the arm holes and knitted the sleeves in the round (decreasing two stitches every four rows). Notice how I stopped short in the sleeve. That's so I could sew on cables for the sleeves.

I knitted both cables at the same time - 14-inches long - and sewed them to the cuffs.

Here's the finished sweater!


Ronda & Ben said...

Okay... this certifies you as a knitting rock Star.
sure does!

knitography said...

Wow, that diagram scares me! The finished result is lovely though, it looks very cosy.

guthriegirl-Katherine said...

This sweater is beautiful- very impressive! I especially love the cables. I am so glad I got to see both you and the sweater when I was back in town last weekend. What a nice surprise! Thanks for your help with the Plum yarn too. I hope to CO that project today after I finish pair #5 of "fetching." They have turned out really well but I am ready for a change.