Friday, November 16, 2007

New Blog

Well, I couldn't help it. I started a new blog.

The idea behind it started from when I made my Captain Underpants. Lots of teachers and librarians loved it - and so does my nephew. He still sleeps with him a year later.

Then I mentioned to my sister-in-law that I was knitting hedgehogs for the boys for Christmas (which I have to start!). Her eyes brightened and asked if I could make an over sized white mitten to store them in as it would be a perfect companion to a book they own called The Mitten by Jan Brett.

I also had been thinking of a good school auction knitting activity. Last year my Yuletide Gnomes fetched over $200 for the school while a custom baby item went for $30 and a custom felted purse went for $50. The knitted toys are definitely something bidders responded to.

So I started thinking about what toys I could make that I can pair with a children's book.

Thus the idea behind Children's Lit n Knit was born. I'm getting some good feedback from knitters and the ideas are starting to trickle in.


Anonymous said...

Hey , well done with the new blog. thank you.

Anonymous said...

You so rock!