Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's been quiet

I've been quiet on the blogging front mainly because I've been so busy. I had a project that just wouldn't die - who is currently lying quietly in the corner with my PE stamp on it just waiting to be built! Yay me!

So my creative side hasn't really been fed as of late. Plus I'm on a yarn diet right now (stupid economy).

I took apart an old wool project that was sitting around never to be finished and am now knitting it into a Lucy bag. I've got the main bag part done, now all there is to do are the handles - and of course I've run out of the wool. So I have to dig through the stash to see what will match that's felt-able.

I've also been working on an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. I had made a spreadsheet for my mom a while back. Well, it had errors and I found it was a little confusing as well so I added the even row counts - which serves as a great way to check yourself. I think I don't like knitting this bugger - mainly because you end up counting and counting and counting. It can get a little frustrating. I'm using ordinary Sugar 'n Cream for this. Yes, it's stash yarn.

On the CSM front. I've been really struggling to get my ribbing mojo back. I think some knob or setting was disturbed and I just can't get the thing to work. So I went ahead and did some hung hem socks just so I can get that great knit gratification.

Every Saturday I go to WW, then to Starbucks, and then to Curves. It's great fun because I do it with a good friend. Occasionally MA and I will knit stuff for folks - one of the Barista's had a baby, etc. One of the Barista's is always interested in our knitting and keeps up with us personally. So MA bought a ball of yarn at the Fiber Fest ($9.50 for a pair - it's a steal if you ask me) and I knitted up a size 9 woman's sock:

Yarn: Schoeler + Stahl Foritissima Colori Disco Socka Color
Size: Women's 9
30 row hung hem
40 row leg
63 row foot

I cheated on my yarn diet, but it was a budgeted cheat. I had $20 to spend at the Fiber Fest and I stayed within my budget. I couldn't pass up $9.50 for a pair of socks So here's my socks (which I'm wearing as I write this up - how's that for knit gratification!)

Yarn: Schoeler + Stahl Foritissima Colori Disco Socka Color
Size: Women's 10.5
15 row
15 row hung hem
75 row leg
67 row foot

(FWIW, 75 rows is too long for a sock. I should have made the leg shorter)

Then there are the socks that I committed to do for my mom. She bought a BUNCH of Knit Picks Pallet a while back and the deal was that she'd buy four balls in each color - she'd get a pair and I can have the other to gift/use whatever. I felt kind of bad the other day as I realized that I hadn't knitted sock one for her, so I dug everything out and made a bag of yarn for just mom's socks. I also wanted to incorporate the woolly nylon thread in her socks as Palette is 100% wool and will wear fairly quickly. Here are two that are just for her:

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette Clematis Heather & Woolly Nylon (purple)
Size: Women's 8
30 row hung hem
56 row leg
56 row foot

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette Purple & Woolly Nylon (purple)
Size: Women's 8
20 row hung hem
45 row leg
56 row foot

I think that in the future I'm going to just match the rows of the leg to the rows knitted for the foot. Seems to be a good ratio.

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