Sunday, April 20, 2008

Libraries once again

For some insane reason, I stopped going to my local libraries. I know the reason why: we got caught up with Paperback Swap. I love the book swap site and J is really great about tracking down books. But it DOES cost money - you ship the book on your dime.

I was over at my local library and struck up a conversation with one of the librarians. He mentioned that our library no longer charges for inter library loans - you would have to pay shipping, which is exactly what we're doing with book swap, but we get to own the book. But then I mentioned that I didn't want to use the service because I'd feel guilty about making the library spend money on me - money they could use to enhance their collection. The librarian said to NOT feel that way. They have a certain amount of money budgeted just for inter-library loans and they were able to get the budget money because the library has SUCH a small foot print - this way we'd be able to get anything we want and the library wouldn't have to house the book.

Well, that's a win-win in my book. I think the other half of the equation is that it allows the librarian to show that they need more space. I know the city is kicking the idea around regarding building a larger library. I'd rather have a larger library than a $28 million jail.

So, I'm off to start filling out my wish list. Ravelry has this really dangerous link at the bottom of most pages that have books: Find this at your local library - It's linked to Check it out. It's just about the coolest thing ever!

Oh, and if you are a knitter and live in Plano, you HAVE to go to your local library. It seems like they have all the latest stuff. Must have a knitter on staff! :)

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