Thursday, April 03, 2008

Nice thing happened today

I was dropping my daughter off at school and was pulled into one of the teachers rooms. I had stopped in a while ago to ask her if she liked blues and purples. The idea being that I could use some Plymouth Outback wool for a Lucy bag for her. It was a bit of a mess when I had asked because she was being observed by a consultant and was really distracted when I asked. She even was sweet to email me later to explain why she was so short with me. In her email, she mentioned that she uses the dishcloth my mom made her and gave to her last year.

This morning she showed me the dishcloth - it was so well used.

I think that can be the best compliment anyone who makes handmade items can get. It was used but was still going strong.

So, now the teacher isn't going to get the Lucy bag (which I will now re-gift to myself as I LOVE the way it's looking). I've decided to knit her a number of pretty matching yellow dishcloths. This time, however, I'll try to set the color by giving it a vinegar bath prior to gifting them.

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LizzieK8 said...

Vinegar doesn't set dyes in cotton. Only in protein fibers like wool, silk, and for some reason, nylon.

The best washable dyes for cotton I've ever come across are the ones used for tie dyed clothing. You can find them at Dharma Trading Company. Dye them before you give them, following all directions. They'll go through lots and lots of uses before the dyes even start to fade.

Most tie dye shirts we buy wear out before the dyes fade.