Monday, February 16, 2009

Fiber Retreat

I spent Saturday and Sunday at a fiber retreat located just north of where I live.

It was a lot of fun as I schlepped my CSM. We had about 5 other CSM'ers there and I had a great time. The first day was terrible - I made three socks only to have to rip them out due to dropped stitches or screwing up some other way.

My CSM does not like to travel.

I had wanted to take my new LeGare 400, but it's so gunked up that it needed to soak some more in the MMO. I was finally able to take the v-cam off. I'm glad I did because the previous owner never did clean it up and the gunk build up has actually made the metal wear so much that I'm a little concerned about how it's going to work after it's been cleaned - i.e., there will be too much play in the v-cam. Time will tell.

The second day proved to be a little more productive - I got a pair of socks done - for me. I have a number of socks I have to make (Mom, I have my machine up and running - I'll start getting some whipped out for you.)

This pair was done with Lion Brand Sock Ease.

Leg: 60 rows 1x1 rib
10 row pre-heel
Foot: 44 rows (7.5 rows/inch gage)

Size 10.5 Women's

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