Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I just got a call from a client - he's in Florida trying to scare up some business.

It's been like this with all my clients - they just don't have money because they're investors disappeared almost literally overnight.

I have been watching a lot of debate of the the latest stimulus package. I am on the fence.

J said, "If we're in debt, do we go out and spend our way out or do we cinch up our belt and slowly pay off the debt."

Well, we don't borrow more money - that's for sure.

I absolutely hate how the TARP has been handled to date. The bankers really stuck their middle fingers up to the American people.

I'm just really frustrated right now.

The Repub's are pounding the tax relief drum, but since I'm doing my taxes right now, when would I get tax relief? Next year?

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