Friday, February 27, 2009

M is 7!

I'm so glad M's birthday is over.

That may sound terrible, but it seems that the ramp up to the birthday started a month ago.

My folks gave her a Wii and we got it two weeks early. We set that up early. Partly because I wanted to play with it, too.

Then we got stuff from J's parents on the Thursday before her party. She's wearing her party dress she got from Grandma to her birthday party - M LOVES party dresses.

We had a Mad Science party with 15 kids. Here are the pics (Thank you so much COH!) We forgot our camera at home and we had someone with a camera phone take pics - at least we have something.

Love this photo - My kid - the know-it-all.

Then on Monday - she celebrated at school.

As she was going to bed on her birthday, she mentioned that she hated that it was over so soon.


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