Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Finished Object

J found Jess Hutchinson's patterns for unusual toys on the internet and became enamored with her robots. So I went ahead and ordered her book and showed all the pictures of the toys to M. She really wanted a “Spherey”. After my success with the devil hat, I felt like I could do it. And I did. I’m amazed at how quickly it knitted up.

It’s not perfect as I’ve learned so much while knitting it. Instead of doing the Kfb increase, I did the M1. It leaves a better seam, but part of the charm of the toy is having the bar in the increase. The eyes are closer together than what the pattern shows, but it’s because I had a hole right where I put the left eye. I have also learned that I suck at embroidery. I just don’t have the patience for it, plus the yarn I was using was really a different contrast, so all the imperfections showed through. The body of Spherey is a cheap acrylic (Red Heart) yarn that I had lying around from an unfinished crochet afghan. I hated working on the afghan. It was just dull to do – how many potholders can you make, then string together? Bleh. Knitting these little toys and hats are infinitely more satisfying.

Oh, and I love They have free videos on how to knit the stitches and give a great explanation of what the finished stitch looks like. I’ve watched them and knitted the stitch side by side (I love having a laptop with a wireless network card next to my chair).

M has named it “Mr. Handster”. It is very weird name, but if you turn him over, you can see where she got the name:

I have to figure out how to knit a bow or something like it so I can change Mr. to Miss. It has to be a Strawberry Shortcake bow according to M.

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