Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's a peanut!

I finished the main body for the teddy bear I'm knitting.

I really suck at the embroidery part (that's an "A" on the chest if you can't figure it out) so I opted for a safety nose for the face and went the Miffy/Hello Kitty route and omitted the mouth. I knitted this on circular needles because I really dislike DPN's. I have the Denise System and I love them. The joins on the needles are smooth and I don't spend all my time pushing the stitches around - I actually knit! The Clover's were just not smooth and I was much slower on them. I knit pretty tightly and the Denise System needles just won't let me knit tight. Perhaps its because the needles are plastic and have some give to them.

The yarn I used for the bear is super cheap, but he's soft. These are Caron brand yarns and cost $1.25 for a 3 oz. ball at my local Hobby Lobby. What are the colors in this bear?

Head: Buttercup #2713 (Simply Soft)
Shirt: Rubine Red #2718 (Simply Soft)
Pants: Mango #9605 (Simply Soft Brights)

I don't think the Buttercup is made anymore as I can't find it on their site.

Next I have to make two arms, two legs, and two ears to finish this one up.

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