Thursday, February 09, 2006

The IT Crowd

J has found a very cute show that's being produced by the same guys who did Father Ted (a personal favorite show of mine). Over the years I've noticed that I really don't watch sit-coms anymore. Current exceptions: My Name is Earl (possibly the funniest show on television right now) and The Office (I like the UK version, but the American one has grown on me).

Now I am a huge fan of The IT Crowd. The first episode had one of the guys in a "RTFM" shirt (inside joke here at the house as J is constantly telling me to RTFM*) and there was a flying spaghetti monster posted on the wall behind him. To a nerd, this was really wonderful to see! J said that the set folks actually had a group of Open Source guys help them to decorate the set. If you don't know what Open Source is, don't worry. It's computer-ese and I just know enough buzz words to make myself dangerous.

*Read The Fucking Manual

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