Friday, September 08, 2006


What is SO special about turning five?

I remember when my nephew was four and five just seemed to be a magical age. He could do anything at age five.

Well, we're experiencing a little of that here in our house now that M is four and a half.

She's wearing size 7 clothes now as she's grown quite a bit over the summer. I commented on how long her legs were getting this morning. She said, "Come here, Mama, and let me tell you a secret."

I lean down and let her whisper into my ear, "The reason why my legs are getting long is because I'm almost five."

We also have passes to Six Flags this year. As long as we stay away from buying food, it makes for a very cheap afternoon as everything is paid for - parking, admission, etc. . . Anyway, any ride that M feels is a little scary is always put off till she turns five - because she'll be brave enough then.

Today while I was dropping her off at her school, she saw her new friend, R. M was excited to see him until she realized that I was walking towards R and could even, gasp, talk to him. She starts to get really upset that I may tell R something that she doesn't want him to know. Once we get out of the street, I knelt down to talk to her - because by this time she has tears in her eyes.

"I don't want you to tell him. . ." she sobs.

"You don't want me to tell him what?" I ask.

"I told him that I am five. I don't want you to tell him that I'm only four and a half."

I smile. "Don't worry, M. I won't tell."

I remember being in a big hurry to grow up at this age, too. Now all I want is for time to slow down again.

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