Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A building with no windows?

We've past by this building for years, but now they've done something that has captured my attention. . .

Did they paint the windows?

(I really just wanted to play with my new phone camera)

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Geek of All Mothers said...

Given that CI Host is run by Chris Faulkner, it would not surprise me if he had the windows painted to keep employees from being able to see outside. I have friends that worked for that hellhole of a company, but I can't name names because CI Host regularly Googles themselves and looks for old employees complaining... whom they then SUE for breach of contract.

For detailed info, see:

Word is, Mr. Faulkner originally got the money to start CI Host after getting caught cheating at and expelled at UNT, and then having his lawyer-mom come in and sue the school for him.

Dude has serious issues.