Friday, January 05, 2007

Socks are DONE!

Okay, my fear of hand knitting socks is officially over. I don't know why it took me so long to get the toe right on the very first sock. It needlessly intimidated me.

Well, I'm not intimidated anymore!


I love them. They are so soft and warm and fit my feet perfectly. The color is quite lovely. . Right now I have an obsession with Circular Sock Knitting Machines. I want one, but they're terribly expensive. Not to mention that it's a crap shoot on what you are getting if you buy one - they're all antiques. I'm still not besotted with hand knitting socks like other folks are as I've casted on for my Hex Coat

I'm heavily modifying it to fit my shape. Here's a quick sketch showing some of the modifications I'm doing to make this fit right.

The sleeves and arm holes are challenging me a bit right now. I'm not sure how to bind off in the sleeve area, and I have to work it out so I can adjust the arm hole area. I'm also shortening it quite a bit. The pattern calls for the 40 3/4" long. I'm going to shorten it to 30" long. That will make it hit my upper thigh, which is really just the right length.


Anonymous said...

The socks look great and that coat! Wow! I don't think I could do that much modification! I would probably just start from scratch!

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that you were intimidated by socks - you are the FEARLESS Knitter in my book.

You have been tagged for the 6 weird things about me... see my blog (you have to tag 6 folks too).