Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Six weird things about me

  1. I had a fear of earwigs - really. I totally freaked out once when I thought one had gotten close to my ears. I thought they get into your ears and will pinch my ear drum. Just thinking about it makes me so embarrassed.
  2. I stack plates at restaurants after we're finished eating. It's to help the wait staff clear the table and, I must admit, is somewhat fun to do. I like to try to get all the dishes put together so they can be taken away by one person. Drives my husband insane.
  3. Whenever I end up liking a television show - namely Sci-Fi shows, they invariably get cancelled. I guess I like bad television.
  4. I remember the color of people's eyes. Don't know why. I just do.
  5. I am generally the straight man in my relationship with my husband. Bob Newhart was a straight man.


Jennifer said...

i also like to "bus" my table by stacking everything together. i have two sisters who waitress and say that this is very annoying, but i don't care...i love to do it!

Tasha said...

Please stop watching Battlestar. If they cancel it I will wig out. :)