Thursday, September 04, 2008

Corn Tortilla's

Yesterday J & I went to M's class. The initial idea was to show how to use our solar oven, but Gustav's clouds came to town (didn't bring any much needed rain), so using the solar oven was out. We showed up a little early and there were two kids who were our hosts. We signed the guest book and they brought us some spaghetti for lunch. It was great fun. M was totally excited for us to be there. I know I have to really savor these moments as pre-teen-hood is only four years away. . .

Back up plan: make homemade corn tortilla's

Worked out really great.

We had a kid read the recipe. Another measure out the masa flour. I didn't want to get the one cup measure wet because I knew we had to make another batch. I had a quarter cup measure and had the kids figure out how many quarter cups make 1-1/4 cup of water. They got the answer off the bat. I was impressed.

We mixed up the dough and I had the kids cut it in half until we had 16 pieces. Each kid was able to roll the piece in a ball and squish them in the tortilla press. I was manning the griddle and we were able to cook six tortillas at a time. There was a separate table set up with butter and a number of sprinkles (cocoa (w/ sugar), cinnamon, vanilla powder, mocha). The kids had a great time and so did we. The teacher made another batch, so we ended up making about 32 tortillas in 45 minutes.

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