Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have been knitting.

Mainly, I ripped out my candle flame shawl because I just kept on screwing it up. It is now a Hemlock Ring Shawl and I'm currently binding off - it's taking forever as I expanded the fan and feather out till the shawl measured 6 feet in diameter.

I do like the colors of this shawl. Can't wait till it's blocked.
Next I made a quick baby blanket out of double stranded Pound of Love. I added the baby feet pattern from Rhonda K. White's free dishcloth pattern. (yes, I ran out and used some hot pink to finish it)
Since it went so quickly, I went ahead and started knitting another one - again out of Pound of Love.

Since I'm now going to be a Maker, J suggested that I make a bunch of socks for trade bait for Maker Faire (I'm not selling anything). Here's my first sock - details below.
Yarn: Red Heart Heart & Sole with Aloe
Color: Navy Blue
Cylinder: 72
Leg: 51 rows 1 x 1 rib
Pre-heel: 10 rows plain
Foot: 78 rows
Size: Men's 13
Tension: 2 threads - between 4/3

J tried it on and it fits his foot just fine. He did mention that he'd like to have the leg be longer for a men's sock. Interesting as my nephews and dad liked the length. One even wanted the socks to be shorter.

The Red Heart sock yarn barely made one men's sock (one ball has 213 yds). I have very little left, so the short leg for this yarn is necessary.

I do like the way the sock material feels - the aloe must make it soft.

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