Tuesday, November 15, 2005

M the budding skeptic

M & I were riding around over the weekend and we had gone to the library. The local city was decorating for Christmas (yes, it's the beginning of November and we're seeing Christmas decorations).

Last year the library had a great event that had a guy read The Polar Express and then Santa and Mrs Santa showed up and gave everyone jingle bells. M went to the bathroom to work up the courage to sit on Santa's lap (she was thirty four months old and terrified). She sat on his lap and rattled off a whole list of stuff she wanted.

Flashback to last Saturday. I mentioned to M that we could go to the library again and see Santa. She then informed me that Santa doesn't really give you everything that you ask for. She had asked for a skateboard last year (I seem to remember that - vaguely) and she hadn't gotten one.

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Rick said...

But in all honesty, saying that he doesn't give you everything you ask for isn't saying that he doesn't exist or even that she doubts his existance, just that she thinks he's a lying bastard who primises you cool stuff and then doesn't deliver. Kind of like a politician.