Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Others

Well, I took some heat from J about the last post ("You have taken passive aggressive to new heights"). Sorry J, I wasn't trying to get you to put the dishes in the dishwasher, I was just pointing out an observation I had.

Lost was a good one last night. We got some of the loose ends tied up.

1) The back plane folks *were* the ones on the radio when Boone was in the airplane.
2) The others didn't kill the guy with the pole, Anna Lucia did - in self defense.
3) We now know why the back plane folks had a ready made pit.
4) We now know why some of the people were taken by the Others: They were strong and good.

Why did the Others take folks from the back of the plane, and not folks from the front? I still don't understand why the Others stay away from the people.

Anna Lucia has demonstrated herself as being one tough cookie - and smart! I didn't process that the guy from the jungle was dry. I did rewind back to verify this and sure enough, he was (I love my PVR). I did, however, figure out that he was the mole early on - mainly because he was the one who found Bernard (who was in the jungle). And secondly, I pretty much pegged it from story line point of view - it was more interesting to have it turn out the way that it did.

Lost is still the best drama show on television. My Name is Earl is the funniest (with Boston Public a close second)

Oh, and I'll have my chicken McNuggeted, thank you. You can hold the sweet and sour dip as I'm a honey mustard kind of gal. (You will have had to have seen this week's Earl to get the joke).

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