Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Television Update

Okay, I've got my list of stuff I like to watch:

1. Nip/Tuck (No real drama going on right now - the writers better get with it)
2. Surface (It's kept me interested - I've stopped watching Invasion and Threshold)
3. Commander In Chief (A great fantasy - I like Geena Davis)
4. Lost (The network keeps jerking me around - but it's good enough that I'll keep watching)
5. Survivor (Yep, I still watch it - mainly because I want to see how far Hogeboom goes!)
6. The Apprentice (with The Donald - Martha comes on at the same time Lost does)
7. ER (I'm surprised at how I still like watching it even though Noah Wiley left last season)
8. My Name is Earl (A show that actually makes me laugh out loud!)
9. Boston Public (William Shatner is just great in this show ("Denny Crane!"))
10. The Simpsons

Oh, and to clarify - J was the one who fixed the problem with my friend, not me. (J - will you now quite whining about this?)

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