Friday, November 11, 2005

Sad :(

I love to visit Las Vegas. We used to go many times a year before M arrived in our lives. Cheap haunts are really what we enjoyed the most - mainly for kitsch value and because they're a whole lot more fun to hang out at than the high end places.

November 17th at 5 pm, Westward Ho is closing their doors for good. The Ho was a place we visited almost every time we came to town - they had ice cream sundaes in the afternoons, the worlds largest hot dog for a $1, great margarita's, and low limit black jack tables. The tables were always filled with nice people (some of the downtown places can have some really mean old guys who yell at you and smell funny). They always had something going on. J & I once went to a seminar held locally and got a couple of free nights stay - which was great because we can get super cheap round trip tickets for $100 each.

I'm gonna miss her.


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