Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm number one

I'm number one!

I'm number one!

Yes, I'm number one - twice!

J has a daily high score table that gets tabulated - and as I said in a previous post, even though I have the stand alone versions, I have found that I like to see how I rank against others playing the same puzzle.

I like to play Confuse Box but haven't quite wrapped my head around it. I still take long and have a large number of moves. Plus I don't cheat. I know some folks are solving it but not registering it and then opening another window to do it at the minimal number of moves as quickly as they can. That's fine with me - I guess I'll never be #1 on that game.

I was very pleased to see I was #1 on Pop Pies. I've been struggling with a good strategy on this as it's not the same as Pop it. Pop it requires you to try to eliminate all the balloons. Pop Pies actually requires some strategy and planning to make very large chains of pies. Plus, I don't really pay attention to the score I get on Pop it. I do with Pop Pies because of J's high score table. I also like J's new feature where you score extra points for eliminating a column. Oh, and I came up with the name of the game - neat, huh?

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