Friday, July 07, 2006

Will I ever finish?

I have way too many projects going at once.

Mermaid Skirt

I'm making good progress on the mermaid skirt. This shows how the blue looks 100 times better than the green I had swatched earlier.

I also wanted to show the back of the skirt.

This shows the great scale effect that I've been working towards. I like how the palliettes reflect blue and green. I'm about halfway there with this project.

Brioche Bodice

I've been struggling with this little project for a while now. I definitely have the hang of the stitch, but it's something I have to pay close attention to while I knit - and it's not all that interesting to knit. This is the back and I'm 10-inches in. 6 more to go before I start shaping the bodice part.

Oh, and I finally figured out that you have to switch yarn at the end of a row. There is no easy way to do this in the middle of the work as you'd traditionally do it with stockinette as there's no place that you could weave the ends in and have it not show.

Baby Kimono

M's summer school teacher is getting ready to have a little girl. I keep seeing this baby kimono on other peoples blogs and find it to be adorable. Here's my attempt at it and it's going SO quickly. I started this last night.

It's being done in Sugar n Cream Rosewood. J said it looked like Neapolitan ice cream. If I have enough time/yarn, I'd like to get a set of booties or a bib knitted. The booties would be helpful now, but the bib would be helpful later when she's teething. I'll keep you posted.

I also finished another Noni bag. I'm blogging about them on a different blog.

So I guess not all is lost. I finished the bag, am almost done with the baby kimono (the shower is next week), and will be finished with the skirt by the end of July (which will be just in time for M's summer vacation). The Brioche Bodice is a project that I'm doing with the Bluebonnet Knitting Guild. I'm supposed to have the back finished by next Thursday.

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