Thursday, June 29, 2006

SP8 part 2

The next wonderful surprise was a cute Queen for a Day box. . .

It was full of stitch markers - I've seen these at the LYS's but never bought any. Receiving them as a gift is really wonderful. I can't wait to start using them! I feel so spoiled! Aren't they pretty?

Then the note cards are just adorable. I love blank note cards.

Secret Pal, you definitely have your fingers on my pulse. Thank you so much. The goodies are just great.

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treadles said...

Secret Pal, so glad that you like your package!

It took longer than expected to get the yarn in and then time to dye was scarce!

Glad that the fairy cheered you up and that M also enjoyed the package, that was the intent.

There is 880 yds in each skein of yarn, so you have enough for a large lace shawl!