Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Kid Stuff

M was filthy this morning because I forgot to give her a bath last night, so I had to put her in the shower this morning.

"Okay, YOU are getting a shower this morning," I said.

M throws herself to the ground and enters into instant whine mode, "But I don't LIKE showers, ma ma!" Imagine this with her kicking the ground and said with a very bratty tone.

Of course, this sets me off, instantly. I absolutely hate it when she enters brat zone.

"Do you really think that throwing a tantrum will change my mind?"

"No," the whine softens a bit and the feet stop kicking, "but I don't want to have a shower, I want a bath."

"You had a choice yesterday - bath tonight or shower in the morning - you chose shower. Now get your clothes off and get in that shower."

Then she fake cries while she heads towards the shower. As soon as she's in the water, the whole act stops. I soap her down and get her washed.

"Okay, you're done. Here's your towel."

"I want to stay in. The water tickles and feels good!"

Mom's head slumps down, defeated. We do this dance *every* time she has to take a shower.

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