Friday, June 16, 2006


Here's a photo of the test swatch for the wrap skirt.

I initially did it in green, but found that the paillettes (pronounced pal-ays) didn't really go that well with the green. J had a great idea, knit the skirt in the blue - and it looks pretty good because the pailletes I bought have a sheen of blue in them (Mermaid Green) and it just looks better. It's a little hard to tell from this photo because I don't have a lot of the blue knitted.

I also think three ruffles would look better on the bottom. Just the one doesn't evoke "fish tail" like I want it to. The top will be finished off with an i-cord trim so it'll go into an i-cord tie. And this is a wrap skirt.

I do like the six stitch seed stitch pattern on the sides. It will keep the fabric from wanting to curl.

So, I now need to buy some more of the blue yarn as I only have one ball. Gads, this is getting complicated.

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