Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More Nerdy Stuff and Theological Musings

J, who's office is the same as my office and is located right behind me, asked me to look at his monitor. He had this up:

It's the Andromeda Galaxy and shows literally a trillion stars. And the Hubble telescope took this photo.

How. Cool. Is. That.

Stuff like this really tweaks my sense of being insignificant. I used to really freak myself out when I was a kid thinking about just how small I was in the great universe. It can still freak me out if I let it.

But that brings me to some of the questions I get when I'm talking to a theist. Mainly the questions regarding how I can't accept the awesome power of god.

Well, the photo we (the human race) took is awesome. It beats walking on water any day. Jesus cured leprosy, we essentially eradicated it.

I have always maintained the human race is far kinder than any god. I know as a race we can be pretty barbaric, but we've also civilized our lives, too.

I tore my anterior cruciate when I was in college. I had surgery and am now able to walk with no problems. It is not lost on me that if I had done the same thing 100 years earlier that I'd be a life long gimp.

Man is good.

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Heatherly said...

oh! that is my favourite galaxy. i wanted a lil girl to name andromeda and call andie...then i dated 2 andrews..