Thursday, June 29, 2006

Secret Pal!


Just when I started losing a little faith in swaps I got a double dose of good feelings today!

The secret pal I've been sending things to finally blogged about them and SHE LIKES THEM!

I've done two other swaps - candy swap and foodies. I'm still waiting on receiving the foodies one and that was a May swap and my recipient gave me zero feedback - I just hope she liked the stuff. The candy swap was nice to receive, but I got very little feedback from my recipient. That's half the fun of giving - seeing how much your recipient likes the stuff.

Which brings me to my secret pal!

Oh, joy! Thank you so much! Things have been tough and this was just so nice to get.

I've never worked with hand dyed yarn and have been toying with the idea of playing with Kool-Aid dying. My SP8 truly did spoil me - look at this luscious hank:

I'm thinking some type of lacy shrug. Thank you! It's beautiful! Then there's the fun Fairy. You can change her clothes. M immediately dressed her. She had to have the crown and the necklace on.

Then there's this truly cute bag and the colors match the hand-dyed yarn. Again, M declared this was her purse. I told her to think again.

More photo's to come in the next post.

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