Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I love my local libraries. I go to my local one, but it's small and the selection is so-so. We pay to access another local library and I'm really glad we go there, too.

But like Netflix, it requires patience. I love reading books. I now have to wait.

But the thing I like about using the library is that I can really experiment with the types of books I read. If the book is a turkey, I don't have any guilt checking it back in.

I also love how my libraries have Internet access. I can check on-line to see if they have the book. I just got the Mason-Dixon knitting book - and I've been eyeing buying it for the past couple of weeks. I also was eyeing a Felting book - the library had it and I checked it out. I ended up not liking it at all.

Anyway. I love my local library. I also found out that the local Machine Knitter's Guild gives money to the library to help purchase knitting books - which is great because they have all the latest books.

My other library started an RSS feed that shows me all the newly acquired books and DVD's. It's great as I think other folks haven't figured it out yet. Now if I can only get the other library to do the same. . .

Yes, I'm a nerd.


The Silent K said...

oh my god. that is an awesome thing that your library did! I totally want to ask my library to set up an rss feed. Wow. Not nerdy at all, that's awesome.

Shelly Hattan said...

In the circles I run in, nerdy is a good thing!