Monday, July 31, 2006

Not dealing

Well, this weekend was a total wash when it came to staying on the WW program.

What's terrible is I totally allowed myself to go off - went to Costco and bought huge bags of potato chips and ice cream for a game day - and proceeded to pig out.

What's worse, I have a good friend who was gently trying to focus me into eating the fruit. I totally ignored her - and only now understand what it was that she was trying to do. Thanks, GOAM. You can lead a horse to drink. . .

WhenI got home I felt really awful. Today I actually feel hung over - and I never drank. I know it's dehydration, but still.

I am going to write down what I ate (if I can remember). I have to face it. I just have to.

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diosaperdida said...

Hey..dont be so hard on yourself..yes, write it down and face it...but remember it's one day and now this is this day.
Not to sound corny..but you really do get a second chance everyday..on the flip never get another day to do over again.
You're human and you do your best.