Thursday, October 05, 2006

5 things my DH does that's great

DH has "tagged me" and wants me to list the five things about him that's great.

  1. Honest - Good or bad, I always know where I stand with him.
  2. Fatherhood - he was a reluctant father, but has overcome any fears he may have had and is a WONDERFUL Dad!
  3. Attentive - I can get off in the weeds at times and it's nice to have some to remind me to get back on track.
  4. Supportive - J's a feminist and believes in me when I don't even believe in myself.
  5. Humorous - J has made me laugh every day I've ever been around him.

So, J, you are just a terrific husband!

If you read this, consider yourself tagged. What are 5 things that your spouse/significant other does that's great?

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Ceallach said...

Very nice and timely for me...