Monday, October 16, 2006

Lost Points Shawl

I started knitting this shawl a while back. It's knitted with Melody, which is a ladder yarn, and it came in a hank. I had some trouble winding it into a ball, so I draped the hank around the arm of my chair and left it there. Well, as some of you know, I have a four year old. She sat down in my chair and proceeded to push the yarn off the arm chair because it was tickling her.

My hank became the dreaded knot.

I tried and tried to untangle it, but it became more tangled. I finally just gave up on it.

But my mom bought the yarn and really wants the shawl. I was at a local yarn shop that was going out of business and they had the very yarn I hate on sale. What was nice this time, however, is that the Melody was being sold in a ball - not a hank! A good knitting friend had given me a Yarn Clam a while back.

I now do not hate ladder yarns as much as I once did. They're still a little unruly, but they knit up so dramatically. I hope I can get the shawl done before mom's next cruise in November.

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