Thursday, October 05, 2006

The New Fall Lineup & Other Shows

One question I get from some of my fellow knitters is how can I get so much stuff done. Well, I knit while I watch television. I always keep my knitting in my purse so if I'm stuck waiting somewhere, I can get a few rows in.

But it's the fall season and I have some observations.

Heroes (NBC Monday nights) is in the former spot held by Surface. It's pretty slick and the story line is still just introducing the characters. I'm interested, but if they don't move the story along, they're going to lose me. It was a nice twist on the last episode with the Japanese guy (who's name is, ironically enough, Hiro)seeing the bomb and going back in time. If you haven't seen the shows on television, you can always see them on their web-page.

Kidnapped (NBC Wednesdays) versus Vanished (Fox Mondays)

Okay, these two shows are SO similar it's actually hard for me to keep the story's separate. I mean, the bad guys have distinguishing tattoo marks in both shows.

I think Vanished will go the way of the Da Vinci code. I find the name funny - it's a direct rip off of Lost - right down to the way the shows title is presented - black background with white lettering. The jury is out on this one. I think I'm drawn to watching the show because I have a secret crush on Gale Harold - the guy who plays Agent Grahm Kelton. I also have a weakness for liking secret society story lines.

Kidnapped looks like it's a 24 knock off. My thought on Kidnapped is that this season will be about the Timothy Hutton character's family. Next season will be another family - with the main character portrayed by Jeremy Sisto (of Six Feet Under fame). I'm not as drawn to this one as Vanished, but I'm keeping up with the series - for now.


This show is dark and scary. I mean it's basically The Day After - the series. It's been a surprisingly good show and it's worth watching. I stumbled onto this show while flipping the channel looking for something to watch. I caught the end of the second episode and found it to be really good. I was able to go on-line and get caught up. If you haven't seen this, then get caught up.

Nuclear war scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. In the fifth grade my teacher showed us all the duck and cover movies and also showed us movies about the potential of nuclear war. I had nightmares over this and worried about it.

Jericho brings back some of those old fears.


Eileen said...

I think I'm drawn to watching the show because I have a secret crush on Gale Harold - the guy who plays Agent Grahm Kelton.

Well, after the latest episode, that was surely cured!

Shelly Hattan said...

I'm not convinced that Kelton is dead. They showed shots of him recovering in the hospital in the previews.

Tasha said...

You & I could totally watch tv together & knit. Word is that Kidnapped has already been cancelled. I love Jericho & Heros is on the way up my list lately.