Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CSM Socks

I'm still struggling with my ribber. For the past few evenings, I've been just cranking scrap yarn just so I can get a feel for using it.

There's a screw on the top of the tappet plate that sets the location of where the ribber needles will grab the yarn. I set the needles to basically grab after the cylinder needle before has been pulled down. This works great, but the problem I'm having is that the screw on the tappet plate will slide quite a lot. (Screw H-1 in the sketch below and the slot is H-2).

But the most frustrating thing is when it feels like I have everything in working order and then start to knit. All of a sudden, the ribber gets stuck.

Last night, I finally realized that the reason why it was getting stuck is because the ribber needles were tilting ever so slightly. The butts go up and the heads are slightly down.

It's hard to see because we're talking tight tolerances. I just finally noticed that simply lifting up on the ribber needle frees up the tappet/needle and the crank is ready to turn again.

One I thought I had was that the bolt (H-9) wasn't snugged up enough and allows the tappet plate to move. The other thought I have is that I may have the ribber dial set too high (with the adjustment of screw J-1).

Maybe I'll work on it some more tonight.

But I have done two more pairs of simple hem hung socks. Last Sunday I whipped up the purple ones while showing Jen how to use her AK CSM. (Jen, I had fun so don't feel like you were using up my Sunday afternoon)
One sock is for my FIL, the other for my MIL (or so M declared upon seeing both pairs of socks go into the father's day care package we're sending out in today's mail - "The purple one should go to Grandma 'cause it's sort of a girl color, mom"). Both are Trekking Natura (wool/bamboo blend).

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