Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My budding scientist

J bought a book called Bang! The Complete History of the Universe from the Queen fan site a number of years ago - mainly because he couldn't get it from a US book shop.

Yeah, that's Queen as in, Freddy Mercury, Brian May fame.

I just love the list of Brian May's occupations on Wikipedia: Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Astrophysicist!!!

It's a great little book and surprisingly one of M's favorite books to flip through. The pictures are stunning, so I guess that's what is driving her interest. That, and it's a science book. Ever since we enrolled her in Mad Science last year, she, in her words, LOVES SCIENCE!!

As kids are kids, you never know what will catch their fancy. Well, it was this quark gluon plasma photo that stuck with her.

She drew one up (totally unsupervised) and took it to summer school - her version was just done with a pencil. She also took the book to show to her friends and they all sat down and colored it.

She's six.

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she's great! so's her folks who gift her and notice so much!