Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer & Homestar Runner

M is home and driving me crazy. We're trying to not send her to a day care this summer - to save money, yes, but really because home is where M would rather be.

So we're trying to do some home schooling. J bought some workbooks and she's been reading for the summer book clubs.

Summer book clubs are great. We belong to two libraries, so we essentially double up on the prizes. Your local Barnes & Noble has a book club now, too. Read 8 books, get a free book.

I have to admit that M has surprised me. She's read two chapter books in two weeks and seemed to really enjoy reading them. Junie B. Jones rocks!


Since she's home so much now, her room becomes a complete and utter wreck every other day. So J & I decided to black mail her since she wasn't doing it.

If she cleaned her room really, really well, then she could have a Homestar Runner shirt.
What is Homestar Runner?

According to my six year old, the funniest website around.

J knows about it and I've browsed it a couple of times. M loves Homestar Runner and will sing the "Buttdance" and wanted a meatball sub the other day because it's Strongbad's favorite thing to eat. Instead of hearing about the funny things she saw on Spongebob (a mom can only take so much of that), she now tells me about all the funny things on Homestar Runner.

Ever hear a six year old sing a heartfelt rendition of "Trogdor"? It's quite funny. If I can get her to do it on camera, I'll try. I giggle almost every time she does it.

Well, DD did do what she was asked to do (and we did a dreaded clothes purge with minimal tears and yelling), so M got a new shirt today.

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