Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heart sock

I now have my 60 needle cylinder on my CSM and decided that my Plymouth Happy Feet yarn needed to become Heart Socks.

I don't have the other one made and I'll not have it done before Maker Faire. I'm trying to do different projects on the machine so I can display the different types of socks the machine can make.

Here's a bad close up. The batteries on my camera died, so I couldn't get a good photo.

Since I'm going to make the mate later, here are the details so I can re-create this sock.

9 rows, yarn over row, 9 rows, hang hem.
Start 60 needle pattern from Jenny Deter's book and do 40 rows.
Do the heel
I did only one repeat of the 40 rows. I also didn't center the pattern at the front of the sock, so the pattern down the foot was skewed. After the 40 row pattern, I knitted another 28 rows plain (total 68 rows for foot) and did the toe.

It fits great and I'm very pleased with the finished sock.

I'm going to try to make a cell phone sock necklace so I can keep my phone within earshot at the fair. I get to try to make i-cords! Whoot! I think I'll also try to put a button hole on it at the top.

The idea:

Do the 9 row picot edging - hang hem.

Knit two rows.

at the front, bind off three to four stitches. Knit around to the bound off stitches. Cast on with an e-loop and knit for a couple of rows. I may need to hang a heel fork on the work in this area to keep pressure on it. I was going to eyeball the cuff length and then do a toe. Kitchner the ends, sew on a button. Make a three stitch i-cord long enough to go around my neck. We'll see proof of concept tonight.

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