Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Playing with the CSM - Lace

I bought Jenny Deter's CSM sock pattern book and tried to make the diamond pattern.

Unfortunately, I dropped a stitch and couldn't recover. But I did get through one pattern repeat.

Impressive, huh?

I did this on the 72 cylinder. I have that on my machine right now. I have it on for Men's socks. Personally, a 72 makes too wide of a sock. I prefer my 60 cylinder. With all the big foot men I have in my life, I wanted to knit through the sock yarn I have. I have just one more left, so I'll knit that up tonight and put the 60 cylinder back on.

I'm also getting low on my cylinder needles. I actually have only 75 cylinder needles left from the original 100. I do have some large hook needles, but my Auto Knitter doesn't play well with the large hook needles. I think they're probably better suited on the LeGare's.

I'd like to buy another machine - gasp! Mainly because once I move a cylinder over to the machine, it takes a while for it to settle in. I would love a NZAK and there's one for sale right now that would be just perfect. Alas, I have to save my pennies. :( It sucks being fiscally responsible sometimes!

I did have fun with knitting this sort of sock. Following the pattern is a little like following a lace pattern when you hand knit. This gives me an idea to, perhaps, write up a CSM pattern based on the candy cane dishcloth. Should be easy enough.

Jenny Deter's also mentioned that she's going to be putting together another pattern book. She just won the latest CSM sock design contest with an outstanding fair-isle style sock that she knitted on her machine. I suspect the pattern book will be made along those lines.

I also have another idea to make a lumbar support pillow. Just start with a toe, knit in the round for a while, then end with a toe. Kitchner one side, stuff, kitchner the other. Should be easy enough to do.

I also have thought about the Mochimochi snake that I hand knitted. It's a simple 2 x 1 rib. I could short row the head of the snake - for both the head and the mouth. Then knit another rib for the inside. The only thing I'm having trouble thinking through is how to do the taper at the ends. I'm thinking along the lines of having to do some hand work. Just don't know.

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