Monday, October 06, 2008


I finished knitting the Lady Eleanor Stole. I'm muddling through how to attach the fringe as it's wider than the original pattern (I used chunky yarn instead of worsted weight). I'll end up pulling some of the fringe off as I'm going to put a strand at every inch mark.

I knitted up the other blue sock for a pair.

This is ribbed sock that I don't have the mate knitted up yet. I'm having difficulty with my machine again.
1 x 1 rib - 20 rows
3 x 1 rib - 30 rows
plain - 15 rows (pre-heel)
foot - ? forgot - (will update later)

Since I'm having trouble, I decided to make some mock rib socks.

72 needle cylinder
3 needles in, one out.
20 rows - hung hem
40 rows - leg
15 rows - pre-heel
68 rows - foot
Size 10 mens

The first sock has holes in the area between the leg and the pre-heel. I moved one stitch over for each new needle. It didn't close the holes. The second time I pulled the loop from the row below the needle next to the one I put in - the holes are closed! Whoot!

Hung hemmed socks are quicker for me to knit right now. I'll stick to those for a bit, but I know using my ribber will just make it easier for me to use it. I still don't have a really good feel for it yet. And yes, you need to develop a feel for your machine. I can't crank as fast with the ribber as I can with the plain knitting.

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