Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ribber needle help

I am still having trouble with my ribber.

I have the tension right and turning the crank when I rib is pretty easy.


My latches are breaking off.

I just spent some time cranking ribbing to watch what is happening.

The latch is closed when in rest. The needle moves out and the loop moves behind the latch. Then the hook grabs the yarn and the latch closes and moves back to rest.

My problem is when the latch doesn't stay closed - the latch stands up and will snap off the next time the tappet passes the spot on the next round.

I don't know why the latches are staying up and haven't been able to watch how the latch stays up.

I need to figure this out. I just buggered up 4 ribber needles just this afternoon and eat up a ribber needle every time I put on the ribber attachment.

Anyone have any suggestions? I've played with tappet plate tension and even made sure my needles were well oiled.


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