Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Did you know. . .

that Blue's favorite number is 100 - just like M's favorite number?

Yes, I'm babysitting my kid with the television for a few days because she's home. No summer school, no swim school, no school period. School starts next Wednesday and it can't come any sooner.

M loves watching television and I feel somewhat guilty for using it to babysit her - but I can't get anything done if she's under foot upstairs in my office. We usually have her hopping from event to event, so this down time is just fine - or so I'm telling myself.

I'm fairly happy with what she's watching. Noggin has no commercials and neither does PBS. Occasionally we'll watch something on Nickelodeon or Disney and she'll ask for everything that's being advertised. The quality of children's programming has improved so much since I was a kid.

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treadles said...

Don't feel guilty.

A little time loafing in front of the TV can be good once in awhile...

Try Zula Patrol about aliens learning about astronomy or Cyber Chase with lots of Math. DS LOVES these shows.

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