Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Well, J is still in the hospital today. The lab results have not come back, so the doctors don't know if he has the methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (or MRSA) type of bacterial infection. That's the same type of infection that that woman who died from a pedicure got - thus, the reason why the doctors are being cautious.

Poor J, though. He has not access to the Internet and I know that's really hard on him.

We're doing okay holding down the home front. Today is M's first day back to school and she's incredibly happy to be going back. She wanted us to do our normal school day routine in the same order as we did before. She wouldn't brush her hair before she had her breakfast because, "Momma, we brush our hair AFTER breakfast, silly."

I asked if she wanted me to bring her into school or to drop her off at the curb. She wanted to be dropped off at the curb. She really, really likes her school routine. Miss M (her teacher) mentioned that M may be put up into the Primary class (which is essentially Montessori Kindergarten) since M has been reading. We'll see. I really don't want to push her, but she is SO ready for Primary work.

Last night was Stitch n Bitch night and I was very fortunate that one of my neighbors was gracious enough to watch M. She loves going over there. I didn't stay long as I had to get little girls into bed for school the next day. I showed off my finished yarn bag. I initially started to crochet it for my SP8, but then fell in love with the idea of having my own. I'll still send it to my SP with some yarn I got for my reveal package. I'm also going to send her the Flying Spaghetti Monster with some instructions on how to make it.

Here's the finished yarn bag. I love the yarn - it's really coppery and gold-ish.

I'm definitely going to crochet one for me next.

While at SnB, I had started my knitting guild homework for a child's fair-isle hat using some of my stash cotton. I guess I'm stressing a bit with J being in the hospital. He's always around the house and I miss him terribly. I had a heck of a time sleeping last night so I finished the silly hat.

I'm also using the cable needles MY SP sent me. Here's a cotton dishrag that I'm knitting. My more experienced SnB knitting friends told me that I was crazy for doing cables with cotton. I wanted to try cabling and I haven't figured out what I'm going to knit with the great super wash wool I got from my SP yet.

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treadles said...

Shelly, so sorry that you are going through yet another trial in your family.

Here's hoping that your hubby does NOT have MRSA.

Anyway, through it all, a package should be arriving.....with a little something-something for M and a little puzzle for you!

Your Secret Pal