Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I was tagged - sort of

I was reading another blog and they mentioned that if I read the questions to consider myself tagged.

What was the scariest thing (or one of them if you’ve had many adventures) you ever experienced?

Almost falling off of a very steep cliff. I'm still very glad the cable "fence" held because I know I'd be a goner right now.

Do you plan to retire where you are right now or move somewhere else?

Since we lived in our previous house for 13 years and have been here for only two, the plan is to get this place paid off and live in it until we can't get up and down the steps anymore.

Three little gifts you’re always glad to get:

  1. Simple jewelry (I love getting hoop earrings and necklaces)
  2. Underwear (boring, I know, but I'm terrible about buying new ones)
  3. Cardigan type sweaters (Usually ones with zippers)

4 careers you might have enjoyed:
  1. Game/Book/Coffee Shop Owner
  2. Movie Producer
  3. Land Developer
  4. Writer of books

A book you loved as a child but found disappointing as an adult:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (perhaps this is because I've read the darn thing over and over and over. . . to my DD)

Somebody ought to do (invent, make, write) that!

A yarn swap website similar to the Paperback Swap. I know there are sites that allow you to buy/trade yarn, but this would be a complete trade site.

Where or on what could you easily spend $100? - up to 5
  1. Food (sadly)
  2. Yarn (of course)
  3. Books
  4. Rocket kit
  5. On anything for my daughter - those big brown eyes can melt me into buying things I shouldn't.
Name an adult, not a parent, who really had an impact on you before you were 18 and what made such an impression.

I attribute four people outside of my parents who had an impact on me before I was 18:
  1. My uncle - he was the first one to recognize that I had the talent to become an engineer and always encouraged me to do so.
  2. Mrs. Umphries - my 6th grade elementary school teacher - never gave up on me regarding my math skills. She kept me in from recess a couple of times (which I considered torture at the time) to make sure I understood word problems.
  3. Mr. Whitte - my 7th grade math teacher - he gave me the courage to realize that I had the smarts to take Algebra in the 8th grade.
  4. Mr. Mead - my 7th grade science teacher - taught me that grades had to be earned and that he was there to make sure we learned.
If you have read this, consider yourself tagged.


diosaperdida said...

sigh...being an honerable sort..I now consider myself tagged.
Dang it.

diosaperdida said...

I did it.