Monday, December 18, 2006

Gettin' Shots

After I had a phone conversation with one of my clients, she mentioned that she noticed that I was stuffed up and that "you sure are sick a lot." You know, she was right and it's all allergy related.

So a couple of weeks ago I went in and got tested - sure enough, I'm allergic to everything in the world (except Hackberry, Elms, and Buffalo grass).

Today I'm sitting in my doctor's office doing a "Rush" treatment for shots. I've had fourteen shots today - gack! It's not been really that bad, just uncomfortable. I had a bit of a scare not too long ago as my blood pressure looked like it dropped below 100 - but it was a faulty reading. It's a good thing that the nurse re-did the test as the doctor was talking about giving me some epinephrine. Crisis averted.

I am dirt board, though. There's a television with a DVD player here, but I just don't want to watch TV. I did watch the latest Torchwood - it actually made me cry! I'm hoping it is the medication I'm reacting to as I hate it when I cry over cheesy television.

I, of course, brought my knitting, but I ran out of yarn to finish my daughter's Twinkletoes shoes. I finished another pair over the weekend for GOAM's daughter (I didn't get a photo - I'll have to get a photo later - they're pretty cute). Since I ran out of yarn, I have pulled out the Garterlac bathmat, but it's just too hard for me to knit with right now because I have an IV needle sticking out of my hand. The small project was easy to knit with, but it's just too hard with the three strand double worsted yarn.

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