Monday, December 04, 2006

I was trying to do a good deed

For some reason, I got motivated today to give blood for my birthday. I haven't given blood in quite some time and I usually get hounded this time of year because my blood is good for the itty-bitty babies.

I go in and during the interviewing process they ask if I had ever lived in Germany, Italy, or Turkey more than 6 months from 1980 to 1996. I'm an Air Force Brat and had lived in all those places.

I was promptly booted to the street. They won't take my blood. After visiting the FDA site, it seems that I could be a carrier of some type of virus. The chances are very low, but they have decided to not chance it.

Well, crap.

All this time I've had great guilt over not donating and as of 2001, they would not have taken my blood anyway.

So I now have something in common with Denny Crane: I have the Mad Cow Disease. :)

(not really as the Mad Cow Disease is like rabies and is fast acting. It's just fun to say.)

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Jennifer said...

yay for having a legit excuse when they come a'callin! i used to donate all the time and then started passing out every time i did it, so i'm gun-shy but feel ridiculous guilt everytime they call.