Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm turning 40 today

Yep, today is my birthday and I've hit the big 4-0. I remember my mom turning 40 when I was 18.


All in all, though. I feel okay about it. I'd rather be forty than sixteen. I got an aroma therapy basket from my folks and a nice television set with a great stand from my husband (okay, we gave each other that gift).

M was cute this morning. She came in and woke me up by singing Happy Birthday. While I was getting dressed, she insisted that I put on my fanciest party dress. As I'm not a dress person, I told her that I wanted to wear comfy clothes. She then picked out my shirt - it's pink with some silver threads - i.e. sparkly. Then SHE had to wear a party dress, "Because it's your birthday, Mama!" She has art today, so I didn't want her to wear one of her fancy dresses. She then put on her red boots - because they're sparkly.

See a trend here? I guess sparkly is very important in the world of a four year old.

But I digress. Happy birthday to me.


Ravuya said...

Wow, happy birthday! You and J have very close birthdates.

Jennifer said...

happy birthday!!! hope ur day was full of sparkley bday goodness : )