Tuesday, December 12, 2006


While browsing through Crooks and Liars today, I came across a quick story about how a right wing columnist attributes being gay to the rise of soy formula and other soy products (i.e., soy makes you gay).

It reminded me of a conversation J and I had a couple of weeks ago regarding Tico, the squirrel in Dora the Explorer. I mentioned to J that I was surprised the right-wingers haven't started to bash Tico. Here's a picture of him

Okay. So I'm going to list all the reasons why a right-winger would hate Tico the squirrel:

  1. He's purple. (So is Tinky-winky, the so-called gay Teletubby.)
  2. He wears a rainbow vest.
  3. He's an immigrant
  4. He refuses to speak English.
  5. He drives a YELLOW car. (okay, I really don't know why this would out someone as being gay. It just sounded like something a right-winger would say)

So, Tico is a gay Mexican immigrant who refuses to learn 'merican and drives a girly colored car.

Whoo, hoo!

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Ravuya said...

There was a good audio clip floating about pretending that Dora the Explorer was encouraging illegal immigration.

this is just one of many ytmnds covering it.

I wouldn't be surprised if the monkey were a drug mule of some kind.